Curved 4K Screen Cons and Pros

TV that is now widely circulating in the market is a type of LED TV that has the advantage of saving electricity and being environmentally friendly compared to tube TV. Well, there is another type of LED TV that is unique, namely LED Curved TV that was pioneered by Samsung. For what Samsung LED Curved TV? If the function is not much different from a flat screen TV, why should we have a Samsung LED Curved TV? Sure, one or two of us must have thought that way. However, make no mistake, innovation cannot be thought of, especially if born without a supportive background.

Samsung LED Curved TV quality

There are several reasons that support why this Samsung LED Curved TV is better than just a flat screen TV. First, the image quality is clear and more real. Viewers can enjoy it as if they were looking at a screen in a 3-dimensional setting. Very suitable for you who like watching movies because the characters and scenes in the film will look more real? Especially if the movie you watch, has a horror genre. It will be very stressful! The picture quality is also shown from the colors shown to be sharper and clearer. This Samsung Curved LED TV has far more color variations than the coming TV screen. The brightness can also be adjusted so as not to make the eyes get tired quickly.

Watching movie in UHD quality

Second, UHD Up scaling. What is that? Usually you watch TV in HD and FHD quality but now you have a Samsung UHD-quality LED Curved TV. So, what about the quality of the movie you have? Take it easy, with the advantages of this up scaling UHD you can still enjoy HD and FHD-quality movies in UHD quality. Third, you can enjoy it from various sides without losing image quality. Unlike the case with a flat screen TV that might not be visible from several sides and certain angles. You can check the review in PC World.


Among the various pros of Samsung Curved LED TV products, there are other things that should also not be overlooked before buying this device, which is the price that is super-duper expensive! Do not be surprised, if with a lot of money, you can already get a very capable LED TV, you have to work harder to get a Samsung LED Curved TV that can cost more. This device does favor the comfort of a view that can only be obtained by people who are excess money. One more thing, although it seems that Samsung dares to claim that the viewer will not lose image quality when viewing from any side, this type of TV is not suitable for use as a family TV. This is because when the position of the audience is not right in the middle, he will lose sight of some parts and as if the broad view is useless. PC World reviews are also available to show the specifications for gadgets and electronic tools. Here, we can also get some deals like Laptop deals or Boxing day sales for more promotions.