5 Reasons Improving Delivery Time Should be a Priority for Online Shops

For every online shop, there are specific features that make them rank as one of the best. Some of these features are highlighted on UK.collected.reviews. They include having a navigable website, a friendly interface, and lots more. One of the most important features is an incredibly fast delivery speed.

Over 80% of online shoppers believe that when an e-commerce brand has a fast delivery speed, they’ll like to shop from the brand again. In other words, one of the best ways to retain customers is to increase the shipping speed of any product ordered.

According to customers’ opinions, you can earn your customers’ loyalty if you have a fast delivery speed. As a key factor to promoting your brand, it is one of the best ways to encourage other shoppers to patronise your brand. In clearer terms, the following are a few reasons why you must increase your delivery time:

1.   It Gives you a Competitive Edge over Competitors:

As a business owner, if you offer delivery services 24 hours after the payment, you’ll have an edge over other competitors whose delivery services take up to 48 hours. In a competitive society, this can be a more advanced way to scare competitors out of business aside from the cutthroat competition.

2.   It Meets Customer Expectations:

Every customer wants to enjoy a speedy delivery process when they order any product. Sometimes, customers order emergency products like sanitary pads or towels. If you have a fast delivery speed, customers will patronise you more because you don’t disappoint. This is why many customers reach the checkout process sometimes and refuse to pay for the items they’ve added to their cart. They’ve seen the scheduled delivery time and it’s too late for them. When you have a quick delivery time, you can retain old and new customers.

3.   It Increases Loyalty:

Customers are always loyal to the brand that answers most of their requests. They get to enjoy a fast delivery process and seamless shopping experience. They also get to enjoy your level of packaging for their products. With this packaging and the delivery system, they will stick with you and invite friends and colleagues to patronise you too. This is one of the ways to expand your brand.

4.   Quick Delivery Builds Trusts:

This is mostly for new customers. New customers who are trying your brand for the first time want to trust you. They may have heard about you from colleagues, and probably consider the accolades they give you to be unusual hypes. Making an order from your brand is therefore an examination of your packaging technique and delivery time. If you ensure a quick delivery process, you will add value to your brand and you’ll also have a new customer.

5.   It Reflects Transparency:

When you promise online shoppers that their items will reach them within 4 days because of the shipping arrangements, it must be as you’ve said. Consumers like brands that ensure that delivery is as prompt as they expect it.

Through these points, you can earn yourself more customers. You can even experiment with this. Use the DHL shipping method and see how customers will come back to patronise your brand.