What To Expect Wen Transitioning A Company From Standard Phone Service To Internet Based Communication

Company’s large and small are choosing to lower their monthly expenses and streamline their communication technology by making the switch to a VOIP based phone service. In addition to the cost savings, many companies can take advantage of some of the most advanced features and enable their business to operate more smoothly. Here is what is involved when making the switch, and why it’s important to find a professional VOIP provider to assist with the process.

Central Phone Network

All VOIP systems run off of a central network server that helps to provide a constant connection and is used to control the various features and functionality of the system. The technician will first install the server and ensure a company’s internet speeds will meet the needs of the system and provide reliable and clear phone calls. Once it is installed, they will then connect the system to the existing telephone wiring in the building to enable full deployment of the new equipment.

Phone Installation

Once the server is installed and operating, the next step is to install each of the extensions that will be used. Most companies have to change out their equipment, as standard telephones will not work with VOIP technology. The technicians will have to program each extension to ensure it is designed to operate with the system and is assigned a unique number. This is one of the most time-consuming parts of the process, depending on the number of extensions that have to be installed.

Service Transfer

Once the phones are installed, the last step is to move the existing service and phone number to the new VOIP provider. The business owner will have to initiate the process that will free up any phone numbers and allow for them to be transferred to the new service provider. Most transfers can be completed in less than 24 hours, though some providers can require an extended amount of time and delay the transfer by up to 3 weeks.

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