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Auto Detailing of Motor Vehicles There is a big difference between car washing and auto detailing. It involves extensive cleaning of the interiors of the car and the exterior of a vehicle. The process requires extra skills and instruments to make it a success. It’s a process that takes time as compared to car washing. There are special places where the car detailing is done and cannot be compared to car washing which can be done anywhere. Every type of vehicle can be subjected to this cleanup process. There are set ut rules for the process and should be followed keenly for a neat work. Vehicles are often cleaned when they are for sale. Clean vehicles are more commercial than dirty cars. Exterior car detailing deals with cleaning of the exterior of a vehicle. An exhaustive cleaning exercise is carried out to eliminate all the dirt. Strong soaps used in the elimination of stains and dirt. Special tool for various parts are used in cleaning to ensure successful removal of dirt and stains. Some specialized cloth for cleaning the paintwork in the exterior of a vehicle are applied. Clay blocks are used in removing the stubborn stains in the claying process.
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Its right to make the color look polished. This is the best remedy for scratched vehicle bodies. Rusting and swirl marks on the exterior of the car can also be eliminated by polishing of the motor vehicle surface. Time made before finishing of this exercise depends on the condition of the car. When Detailing is done, the wax is applied to give the vehicle a shiny look. Rubbers and windows should not be left out in the process to make sure that the exterior gets well attended to.
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The inside of vehicle is another area that requires attention during detailing. During car washing most of the interior parts are left unclean due to the fact that some are unreachable. Parts that are covered with cloth are not washed using water during car washing sessions. Cleanup for these parts are done by vacuuming. Shampoos are applied to the interiors to aid in the proper cleansing process. Cleaning and polishing of the glasses inside is a very important of the detailing process. Some people prefer having the engine bay cleaned too. Clean engines are easier to diagnose the problems that they could be having. Clean engines are friendly to the workers’ clothes as they don’t stain them much. Detailing plays a critical role in adding value to old cars. Clean locomotives have a higher value than dirty vehicles. Protection of the paints and the car, in general, is guaranteed as possible corrosive materials are eliminated. The process also helps in assessment of the vehicle and possible corrections made where a problem is found.