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Sampling the Wimbledon Experience

It will be unforgivable if one of tennis’ grand slam tournaments, played every year, will not be held in Wimbledon, England, as tennis sport will not have begun without Wimbledon, for every tennis enthusiasts know that tennis began at this historic site in 1877. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any diehard tennis enthusiast to take the time and money to travel to Wimbledon and watch various tennis matches being played by world renown tennis champions who never fail to please the audience with their well-earned tennis prowess.

Travel agencies are taking this golden opportunity to come up with package tours to tourists and tennis enthusiasts and fans from all over the world to let them sample the Wimbledon experience, with a hectic itinerary which will usually include hotel accommodation with breakfast included, guaranteed reserved seats in anyone of the Wimbledon courts at a specific date, reserved seats at Center Court or Court No. 1 where the championship round takes place, be able to have either lunch or dinner with past Wimbledon champions, the famous grand slam tennis tour at the Hospitality House, receiving a commemorative gift, and, depending on the package tour, a side trip excursion to Windsor Castle and Hampton Court.

For the tennis fans, travelling to Wimbledon during the opening rounds is a lifetime opportunity as they can have the chance to see their favourite players at the All England Club courts playing for the ranks until they reach the Quarterfinal, Semi-Final and the Finals, and it is the ultimate dream for the fans to be able to witness the Wimbledon Final at the Center Court. For tennis fans who are interested to enjoy the excitement during the opening rounds, they can get in touch with any reputable Wimbledon travel agency and be able to secure reserved tickets for the Quarterfinal round which can include an admission into the famous Wimbledon Museum to understand the history of Wimbledon’s tournaments and know the historical facts of the All England Lawn Tennis Club. As part itinerary in most package tours by Wimbledon’s travel agencies is a social activity event at the All England Lawn Tennis Club’s prominent dining clubs, the Wimbledon Experience and the Gatsby Club, where guests can sample their famous afternoon English tea with strawberries and cream or guests can have a selection of wines or champagne, a snack or have a 3-course meal, all of these can be sampled in between matches during the tournament period or, if not, dining there while watching an on-going tennis match.
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