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Essential Services That Your Car Needs.

Many car owners avoid car servicing because of the unfriendly economy. As it is the case for human beings to have regular health examination vehicles also need this kind of check-up. You expose your car to major damages by failing to do car servicing. We all know that serious car problems may cost you a fortune. Prevention is the best medicine is an old saying and one that applies to cars as it does to humans. Below are guidelines to help your car remain functional for longer.

It is essential that you frequently change the car oil. The duration needed for your car oil to be changed will be determined by the nature of oil that you are using. As a rule you should change your car’s oil if the mileage threshold is reached. If you change your car oil regularly you will protect your car engine from complications. Oil sludge can damage the engine and cause oil leaks. Car owners who do no change the oil in time end up ferrying their oil leaking cars to auto repair shops.

It is vital to keep your car fuel system properly maintained. The improvements occurring in auto industry have made the in-line filters to be outdated. It is a rule that you change the in-line fuel filter after about 24000 miles. Timely changing of these filters makes the fuel tank to be durable. For best results, the filter should be changed before using the cleaner.

Ensure that you service the cooling system of your car. It is important that before you take your car for this kind of service you are sure what type of anti-freeze your car needs. The advanced coolers can only be changed after a duration of five years although they cost more. It is good that you search your car manual from the internet so that you know which anti-freeze is good for your car and after how long should it be changed.

Car designers also recommend that car hoses and belts be changed after two years. You also remove the belts and hoses when you spot signs of damage even if they have not exhausted two years . No matter the condition of the belts, they should be replaced after 100000 miles since it has been proved that this is when most belts begin to fall.

If you want to keep your car in an excellent condition, then you should not mind spending some time and money on general auto maintenance. This will not only improve the performance and mileage of your car but can also help prevent your car from serious damages that may require expensive repair jobs.

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