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Dermal Fillers: Effective Restorations of Facial Beauty

The amount of subcutaneous fat on the face declines with aging. Numerous other issues also come into play, contributing to the loss of facial tissue. You can fix those aging effects via dermal fillers, which get rid of facial wrinkles and recover tissue fullness in your face.

What You Can do With Dermal Fillers

Skinny lips can become chubby with dermal filler therapy. The folding of facial tissue and wrinkles can also be addressed this way. It’s also possible to restore deformed facial contours this way. Generally, dermal filling is ideal for restoration of facial beauty particular in those already having signs of getting older. Dermal fillers may also play a complementary role in patients receiving facial rejuvenation via surgery.

Fat as Dermal Fillers

A patient may choose to have injections of fat cells as a form of dermal fillers therapy. If that’s so, the patient “donates” fat from their own body, which is re-administered through injection to fill up the face, fixing creases and shallow contours. An extensive process is required in fat injection, unlike the usual soft tissue fillers. It starts with a “donor” body area being identified, such as buttocks or abdomen, with the fat being harvested via liposuction. Once the fat is harvested, it’s introduced into the face via grafting. To make it, the grafted fat has to start accessing blood. Some 50% of the transferred tissue may not do well, but the remaining healthy tissue survives for good.

Are Dermal Fillers for You?

Consult your cosmetic surgeon to help decide if you’re perfect for dermal fillers. In some cases, invasive processes like facelift or brow lift may be what you need. Nonetheless, dermal fillers are ideal if you have no physical health problems. If you’re a non-smoker, and you have a positive outlook and practical goals as you work for the restoration of great looks, you won’t be disappointed by this procedure. Equally important, be committed to taking great care of your skin.

Soft Tissue Augmentation Therapy Results

The favorable effect of soft tissue augmentation via dermal fillers will be manifest in you within no time after the procedure. The benefits, from a full face to declined wrinkles and fixed contours, can last from months to years considering your situation and filler used. There’s still something you can to enjoy the results for longer, such as sustaining excellent physical health and caring for your skin to give it strength and good health with effective skin care solutions.

The healing duration for dermal fillers varies based on an individual and kind of filler used. You may be able to resume most of your routine immediately, but generally, you’re advised not to take up heavy physical work within the first 24-48 hours.

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