Cut Production Costs with Local Video Crews

The expense of shipping needed equipment and covering travel costs for a full production crew can be substantial. This is especially true of videos with several different location shots. Whether the video is a film, commercial, documentary, or a news story local video crews can be on-site with the latest technology.

Compare the Costs

Look at the receipts for the last video shoot that involved traveling. Include flights, accommodations, meals, permits, time spend finding the perfect locations in a new city, and ground transportation. Any delays caused by re-configuring the shoot to comply with local regulations will also need to be reviewed.

The next step is to call an agency that provides experienced crews for video shoots in all major cities. Inquire about services, capabilities, and pricing. The total will be a fraction of what was spent on the last project.

Why Such a Difference?

In addition to eliminating travel expenses, shoots will take a lot less time. A dedicated project manager is assigned to each client to answer any questions, get details of desired outcomes, and organize everything needed for the actual shoot. That may include local on camera talent, specific iconic backgrounds, a small team, or a full crew.

The local production crew will consist of professionals with at least ten years of experience. They will know the area, know where and when to get the best shots, and will be familiar with local ordinances. What may take a displaced crew three or four days to complete, can be completed in half the time.

Low Risk of Delays

It is critical to have video production completed according to schedule and budget. Lowering risks will help ensure success. A crew stuck at the airport due to inclement weather will cause delays. Getting lost or held up in traffic results in more delays.Halting the work while a police officer verifies permits with the town hall because no one knew they had to have the permits in hand accounts for further delays. All of those delays can be eliminated by hiring professionals in the area.

Save time and money on projects by seeking out local crews for location work. National and international crews are available at short notice to fulfill filming needs. Make one call instead of many to get the same high-quality results.